Louis is just built in this way where every single piece of clothing he wears falls so perfectly on his curvy body and he makes the rest of the world look bad with how beautiful he is

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Why do you always trace photos? I'm so upset tbh. Why don't you ever show us original photos? I'm also an artist so I can't believe what you are doing. Your almost arts aren't original. There are just traced photos.


you are an artist and acts like this? now i can’t believe you,seriously.

  1. I learn by tracing, it’s how teachers teached me and it’s how it is. i tried to do original stuff only but i was the same for 5 years,no progress. then teachers told me. You hand will memorize the curves, your eye will memorize the light/shadow. I need to learn the realistic way how to draw things to develop my own stylized style. half my blog is traced photos, half my blog is original art. can you tell them apart? I’m learning. I’m 19 year old, i have big dreams, i’m learning.
  2. I could literally point at every other artist’s works that i’ve seen the reference photo of, but why would I? hell, after all,they drawed it themselves and it looked great! they learned by real reference
  3. Do you know manips? Just two or more photos putted together, edited to look somehow. yep,that’s it. is someone complaining about manips? manippers(can i say it like this?) are artists too. they have the work with finding pictures, with playing with the light, creating the illusion of something real. and we love it!
  4. The main thing- in the end, you have visuals of our most favourite couple being in situations we can’t see them in. and that’s it? We fill our fandom with visuals for people to get inspired, for people to use for their fics, to help people imagine it in real life. That’s the crime?
  5. I really wish people stopped looking for problems everywhere. does this bother you so much, does this attack you, does this change something in your real life? i don’t think so. this is literally me just doing nothing and sharing it because people want to. they don’t care how we do these things, they want to see these things. and we give it to them. everyone is happy and then there are people like you
  6. little break from reading for thinking about something nice or funny and smile a bit :) now the last thing:

i’m just a stranger for you who does things one way, other than you, but I do have dreams and i see my progression and i’m not going to give up on something just because someone comes into my inbox, calling themselves an artist and yelling at another artist? artists stick together, artists know how good it feels to create something, to see their final work. artists never goes to others and complain and insult them for something that makes them feel good.
when you draw it doesn’t mean you’re an artist. when you sing doesn’t mean you’re an singer. you have to understand it, you have to do it with passion, you have to do it for your happiness, nothing else.
so now you’re rather being jelaous (even if i don’t know why should you) or you’re being really not respectful to the fact that someone does it differently than you, or you called yourself and artist to have more weight in your word, but guess what, i don’t care who the hell you are, if you’re not nice, then bye

and by the way, it’s 3am here, i’m hungry and i have millions of mosquitos in my room, you being upset is not my problem :)

ARTIST: The Vaccines
TRACK: Post Break-Up Sex
ALBUM: What Did You Expect from The Vaccines

The Vaccines—Post Break-Up Sex

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having discomfort or triggering memories for something isnt fucking kink shaming 

you should probably stop reading certain fanfictions if its making you lose all your respect for others and human decency 

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Quick PSA


If a person is expressing their discomfort over a fic containing underage, non-con, or incestual content, don’t send them messages defending the fic. They may simply be uncomfortable with it because of the content’s nature - which is very valid - but they also may have a past traumatic experience that is triggered by mentions of the fic or its content. When you send messages defending the fic and telling them to pipe down, you are AT BEST being annoying, because you’re not going to change their mind and suddenly turn them on to underage/non-con/incest, and you are AT WORST defending something that has traumatized them and you ae telling them that their experience and discomfort is less important than a piece of fiction.


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2 guys 1 sleeping bag

camboy!louis giving the mysterious hstyles special treatment on his weekly livestream.

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I bet Harry’s hair looks so pretty when he’s hovering over Louis, pressing kisses into his mouth and thrusting into him.


I need more people to be sad about louis. Most of y’all are content to let louis not be at his full happiest just because 2014 louis fulfills your need for daddy louis. Y’all ignore that Louis barely acts like himself anymore and that he’s totally guarded and self conscious. How can you be okay with him having to live like that? Can you imagine going day by day in the public eye checking and rechecking your self and over thinking everything you do to appear something you’re not. That’s so detrimental